stamp1 S2 [stæmp] n
2¦(printed mark)¦
3 the stamp of something
6 of ... stamp
7¦(with foot)¦
1.) ¦(MAIL)¦ also postage stamp
formal a small piece of paper that you buy and stick onto an envelope or package before posting it
a 29-cent stamp
Richard collects stamps.
a second-class stamp
ink pad, ↑stamp
a tool for pressing or printing a mark or pattern onto a surface, or the mark made by this tool
a date stamp
a passport stamp
3.) the stamp of sth
if something has the stamp of a particular quality, it clearly has that quality
The speech bore (=had) the stamp of authority.
4.) ¦(PAYMENT)¦
BrE a small piece of paper that is worth a particular amount of money and is bought and collected for something over a period of time
television licence stamps
5.) ¦(TAX)¦
BrE a piece of paper for sticking to some official papers to show that British tax has been paid
6.) of ... stamp
formal someone with a particular kind of character
He's clearly of a very different stamp.
7.) ¦(WITH FOOT)¦
an act of stamping, especially with your foot
an angry stamp
stamp 2
stamp2 W1S1 v
1¦(put foot down)¦
2¦(walk noisily)¦
3¦(make a mark)¦
4¦(affect somebody/something)¦
Phrasal verbs
 stamp somebody as something
 stamp on somebody/something
 stamp something<=>out
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: Probably from an unrecorded Old English stampian 'to crush']
1.) ¦(PUT FOOT DOWN)¦ [I and T]
to put your foot down onto the ground loudly and with a lot of force
The audience stamped and shouted.
'I will not!' Bert yelled and stamped his foot (=because he was angry) .
She stood at the bus stop stamping her feet (=because she was cold) .
stamp on sb/sth
(=try to hurt or kill someone or something, by putting your foot down onto them)
Marta shrieked and started stamping on the cockroach.
2.) ¦(WALK NOISILY)¦ [I always + adverb/preposition]
to walk somewhere in a noisy way by putting your feet down hard onto the ground because you are angry
= ↑stomp stamp around/out of/off etc
My mother stamped off down the stairs.
3.) ¦(MAKE A MARK)¦ [T]
to put a pattern, sign, or letters on something using a special tool
The woman at the desk stamped my passport.
Among the papers was a brown folder stamped 'SECRET'.
stamp sth on sth
Stamp the date on all the letters.
to have an important or permanent effect on someone or something
The experience remained stamped on her memory for many years.
stamp sb with sth
His army years had stamped him with an air of brisk authority.
5.) ¦(MAIL)¦ [T]
to stick a stamp onto a letter, ↑parcel etc
stamp as [stamp sb as sth] phr v
to show that someone has a particular type of character
It was his manners that stamped him as a real gentleman.
stamp on / [stamp on sb/sth] phr vto use force or your authority to stop someone from doing something, or stop something from happening, especially in an unfair way
Officers were given orders to stamp on any hint of trouble.
stamp out [stamp sth<=>out] phr v
1.) to prevent something bad from continuing
We aim to stamp out poverty in our lifetimes.
2.) to stop a fire from burning by stepping hard on the flames
3.) to make a shape or object by pressing hard on something using a machine or tool

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